Tips to have the Time of your Life in Dubai


Dubai is the land of fun, entertainment and tourism. It is known for being the ultimate hub of some of the best tourism sites and activities. This city of lights has so much to offer that sometimes deciding what to do and what to experience first could be quite a challege, especially if you are here for a short amount of time.

So here are some of our tips for all you travel nerds out there who want to have the best time in Dubai for your holidays and make every moment of yours worthwhile. These tips and places will surely help you make unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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We should mention beforehand that some of the following points could be more on a pricier side of things, but we promise you that it's going to be worth the splurge.

Explore the tourist attractions on a budget

That's right. While all of your uncle and aunties have been constantly ranting to you this whole time about how expensive Dubai is and one needs quite a fortune to spend for a hassle free trip, we have got some great tourist attractions for you that are super budget friendly. You would not need to think twice before signing up for these tours and you sure as hell are going to have a great time visiting these places.

There are many websites and agencies that offer some incredible deals and offers for tourists which are surprisingly a steal! But one of the most beautiful attractions of Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world i.e. Burj Khalifa.

Get on a yacht

Yachts rentals dubai are a pretty big thing in the Middle East. Because there is no compromise on luxurious lifestyle in Dubai, cruising in a luxury yacht on a casual Sunday is the norm. Luxury yachts are a great way to experience something unique and spontaneous in Dubai. These yachts come in all sorts of shapes and forms for your convenience. This means you can suit your preferences according to your budget.  is best for yachting in UAE                      

There are many yachts rentals in Dubai who offer amazing deals and discounts on some of the most luxurious yachts. These yachts are best for taking in the cool breezes off the Persian Gulf, admiring Dubai's incredible views from the sparkling water, spending some quality time with your loved ones and having a good time on your trip.

Have a taste of everything from around the world

Dubai features almost every food chain from around the world at your disposal. The best part about that food is that everything is halal. This means that nothing can stop you from having a delicious donor kebab or a sumptuous McDonald's Burger. Moreover, there is a lot of street food available as well which is pretty affordable but very yummy!

So here are three of our must-do things on the to-do list in Dubai to have the best holidays and try something unique every day.

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